Wake Up Again (2019)

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“…Mandell’s project underscores her gift for finding universality in particular tales. Wake Up Again is a notably elegant release and so far, one of the more memorable releases of 2019.” – No Depression

“Mostly midtempo pop daubed with rock and country the album quietly takes stock; the dreamy “Ghost of a Girl” and title track evoke earlier Mandell recordings…” – Pasadena Weekly

“Give credit to Mandell for undertaking a daunting project and pulling it through with aplomb.”

The Bluegrass Situation – 5+5

“…her most indie rock-flavored release to date….her most relevant, and most lyrically powerful.” – NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY

Female inmates’ stories fuel L.A. musician Eleni Mandell’s single ‘Circumstance’ and next album – LA Times



Dark Lights Up (2015)

“… delicate treasures…” — Rolling Stone Country

“A singer-songwriter from Los Angeles drawn to the confectionary side of 1960s pop, Eleni Mandell has always sounded best under some emotional cloud cover…” — New York Times

“…she sings the airy tune, which mixes her knack for classic pop hooks with a directness of tone inspired by vintage country performers such as Roger Miller.” — Wall Street Journal

“Having worked long enough to trust her own strengths, her lyrical songwriting and her supple voice, she shows no signs of stopping now, and we appreciate that.” —

“Mandell’s charming voice is front and center, her delivery highlighting the playfulness of the lyrics. Musically the song can’t help but evoke a black-and-white saloon scene, where whiskey flows freely and fingers plink on worn barroom pianos.” — PopMatters

“Los Angeles’ own Eleni Mandell is a pure treat. She has one of those beautifully distinctive voices, that lights up any room whenever she starts to sing.” — AXS

“L.A. singer-songwriter Eleni Mandell has a lovely on-the-edge-of-husky voice that echoes Karen Carpenter and sounds especially wonderful when she sings about love, its promise, pitfalls and peculiarities.” — Portland Tribune

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