PledgeMusic campaign for new album Let’s Fly a Kite

Dear Friends,

I just had the incredible experience of making a record in London with an unbelievably talented group of people. The music that came out of it is my new record, Let’s Fly a Kite, available on January 28, 2014 on Yep Roc Records. I always get excited about releasing a new album but I think I’m more excited than ever about this group of songs. Making the record was much like the sound of the record; breezy, fun with a dash of charm. I really can’t wait for you all to hear it.

I’m writing now to ask you to help me to tour in support of this record. The cost of touring has been exacerbated by the ever changing state of the music business, the global economy and the price of gas. I can no longer afford to bring a band on the road but I have found that performing solo gives me the chance to really connect with you, the audience. I am a single parent of remarkable twins, Rex and Della (almost 3 yrs old!). Bringing them on the road has been a joy for me and an education for them. I’m certain that traveling is having a really positive impact on them. Keeping them on the road with me is a priority. Your support will not only help fund my upcoming tour but will help keep my family together.

Please, pledge your support now and come out and see me. Free hugs for everyone!



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